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Fall is a lovely time here in Vail, Arizona.  I actually like the heat of the summer and how it feels on my old bones  (turned 68 since I last visited these pages).

I continue to write about Male Breast Cancer, but mostly I feel inclined to step out of my own "club" more and more.  There's so much to learn about all the different forms that cancer takes--and all of our stories are front page issues as far as I can see.  I spent nearly 2 years writing and scoring a musical about male breast cancer.  It's called "SONS OF SAINT AGATHA".  ( She is the patron saint of breast cancer, having lived and died in the 1500's )   It's a dark comedy, if you can imagine that.    15 songs in the show.   Writing it was the "easy" part.  I'll be looking for a big  (gigantic actually) grant to get it produced.   It's in New York as I write this---not on Broadway---but in the New York Musicals Festival.   10 winners get help producing their show and an off-Broadway theater in which to present it.   I'm 4 1/2 years post cancer diagnosis and feeling well. 

Wishing everyone the best of Novembers...from my heart (make that breast..) to yours.  Hugs all around.  Khevin


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Old bones? Ha..wait til you are 74, young man...Enjoy the fall...while I love to be bathed in warm air, the 40+ days of 100 or more this summer was a bit too much...

When does Sons of Saint Agatha show?

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It won't show until I can find a sponsor for it. 5 actors and all of the technical requirements will take some big funding. I won't give up until it's done...
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You amaze me Khevin. If anyone can find a way to get this production funded and made, it will be you. Do any songs have an upbeat story line? I'm looking to send something to my sister who owns a yoga studio. She puts out a monthly newsletter and is looking for either a funny story, or an eventful one. Sad is not in her radar to her clients. IF so, or you know where I can find such a thing, I would really appreciate your help in this matter. So happy to hear you are positive and well. It's so great to read about friends from here who just keep on trucking. Take care
Hi Louise. Great to hear from you. I think it's wonderful that your sister has a Yoga studio. Many cancer survivors benefit greatly from Yoga. As far as upbeat songs go in my musical, yes there are some! Here's a link to the music:
A couple of my favorite tunes are "The Magic of a Dream" "You're a star!" and "I believe in you". I don't think they're especially good for yoga, since they're pretty "peppy" show tunes, but they are definitely positive. Sending big hugs your way!!!!!!! Khevin
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Hi Khevin.. Its amazing what can come from a terrible experience.. You have done so well ... I remember when you were going through it all . You really have given back. I will pray you get the money you need to get this where you want it to be.. hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
Thank you,dear Sabina. I know from our fellow bloggers that things can be so much more difficult than my own set of circumstances. I am fortunate to feel well today, as that allows me to push ahead with my project with even more vitality and commitment. As long as I have more time left, I won't give up. It will happen. Soooooo good to hear from you again! Khevin
When you win and have your first show let us know so that your BFAC family can come see it! What an amazing accomplishment, congratulations!
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