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Khevin's Cancer Blog

Holiday greetings from Khevin

Since I last checked in, roughly 1,200 men have been diagnosed with male breast cancer here in the U.S.

It's amazing how these days and months seem to disolve before my eyes--reminding me how important each day is and how healing BLOG FOR A CURE has been for me since my diagnosis in May 2014.

I'm sending good wishes and hugs to all who visit these pages, and promising to check in more often in 2017.

PS----My new therapy.....two new kitties.




Thomas, Susan J threw a punch at your cancer.
Thomas sent you a prayer.
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Awwwww, love the new therapy!! Wishing you a happy festive season and even better New Year :*)
Merry Christmas to you too Khevin, and to 'Paw' and "Claw" or to "Silver" and "Gold"?
so cute. did you adopt older kitties? they are beautiful, Happy Holidays!
You have a keen eye for cats! We rescued them from a barn when they were 4 weeks old. Now 7 months, but still the best gift this year! (except of course for no return of cancer...)
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Adorable kitties! I have two tabbies and you are right--they are great therapy. Sending you wishes for good health in the new year.
Merry Christmas, Khevin! What beautiful new additions to the family!
Best therapy ever. I love my kittie cats. They are like children and need lots of love and care. Very smart of you to do this. They are so cute too. Hope you are feeling great these days. Happy NEW YEAR.
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Breast Cancer And Laughter Summit











Many of you have asked me to post the information about our next online Laughter Summit for cancer survivors.

We go LIVE online on July 2 and 3 and all of the speakers will be available FREE for you to listen to for 48 hours.

Over the last few months I've interviewed some outstanding people in the fields of Laughter, humor and comedy as they so beautifully explain how cancer survivors of all kinds can reduce stress and anxiety, feel energized and positive and even control pain more efficiently.  Laughter is a useful and powerful tool.  These experts talk about that and much more..

Everything is free and very easy.   You must register at:

and you will receive the links and passwords to all 20 amazing presenters to listen to at your leisure for 48 hours.

You'll also see the bios and information about each speaker so you can plan which of the guests you'de like to listen to.

Please share with friends.  This is my gift to our community here on BLOG FOR A CURE.

It's all FREE for everyone.  Email me with any questions:            

Thank you !  

Khevin Barnes

Male Breast Cancer Survivor



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You know Khevin, if you want to add some additional humor, you should conduct your interviews wearing your 'outfit' in your photo: topless except for a necktie! Sounds like a great presentation planned.
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Thank you, Khevin!
So sorry Khevin, I missed the show. I have news but I think I will wait till I'm stronger to post. Hope it was great success.
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rollerFetching more entries....

Vital Info


February 19, 2015

Vail, Arizona 85641

Cancer Survivor

Cancer Info

Breast Cancer

Stage one, Grade three, Invasive Breast Cancer

May 11, 2014

Stage 1

Grade 3




Queens Hospital Honolulu



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