Hi from Khevin

Hi from Khevin

We finally got our day for Male Breast Cancer Awareness here in Arizona! Here's the proclamation from our Governor to prove it!
Sending love and support to all on the Blog. Good to be back with you. Khevin

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Good job Khevin. Thanks for your work and for posting.
The BFAC gang seems to be awfully quiet, or my email's not working? Anybody have any positive stories to post on new treatment breakthroughs etc? Best to all.
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Hi John...I put up a post yesterday about a new, better treatment for advanced anal cancer...while this is only good news for a few of us, any good news is good news...
Congratulations!! All your hard work!! Hope you’re doing well!!
Wow, that is wonderful! Afraid we are not quite so advanced in Texas...the local paper had a story yesterday about "Bravery in face of breast cancer," but needless to say did not mention that not all patients are women.

Don't stay away!
That's awesome new Khevin! Looking good, wish it was shorts weather here in Maryland.
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